On November 6, 2021, thanks to the international collective MICROGALLERIES for 24 hours over 50 works of art emerged around the world. These works were locally relevant to provide a visible, powerful, immediate and tangible response to the damaging and significant effects of climate alteration on all of our communities.

Valencia, SPAIN 2021

The idea : When I was child they taught me by repeating one and another time. In 1988 my small school organized a “ecological party” where all of the students took part: I still have my diploma, and I am proud of it. So I decided to write a small message inspired by Francesco d’Assisi, who in 1224 wrote “Laudem Creaturarum” which I learned in my childhood. In this poem Francesco says thank you to God for having all things existing in the world.

What Will Happen? : My action took place in the city park.

I leaved a short message in any tree fixed by a small piece of clay, or by a pin (as Yoko Ono Dream Tree).

Every paper had a message written by hand: Now it’s up to you / Ahora te toca a ti. On the other side it was print the poetry of Francesco d’Assisi. My intention is every person walking in the park could take one of these messages and reflect on it. Just taking time to read is a goal.

Feedback: During the installation people look at me and wait until I’m gone to approach the message. I’ve tried to give the message directly to someone but there was no discussion and they try to avoid me.

But a father with her daughter asked me about the project and when the little girl asked ” Why did she hang the message on a tree? ” he respond “Because from the trees follow down beautiful things”.

For me was the best.